About us

The Bridge Lake Community School Society (BLCSS) is a community school serving the Bridge Lake, Sheridan Lake, Lac de Roche, Fawn Lake and Interlakes area of BC.  The following is a list of our programs and volunteer opportunities:

Programs for children
BLCSS is a non-profit organization that provides hot lunch programs to the students of Bridge Lake Elementary School. We also provide funding for Kidspace, which does after school programs twice a month.

Programs and events for adults
The gym is now available every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for Pickleball and Badminton.  Drop-in Fee of $2.00.  ALL WELCOME!

Fund raising programs

BLCSS sells $100 Save-On Food gift cards: you get $100 worth of groceries and we receive $8 for every one we sell.  This $8 is now going to the Kidspace program.

Volunteer opportunities

You can help us create a great community by volunteering. There are many opportunities such as:
– helping cook, serve and clean-up for the hot lunch program
– helping with our events throughout the year
– becoming a director
– becoming a member