About us

The Bridge Lake Community School Society (BLCSS) is a community school serving the Bridge Lake, Sheridan Lake, Lac de Roche, Fawn Lake and Interlakes area of BC.  The following is a list of our programs and volunteer opportunities:

Programs for children
BLCSS is a non-profit organization that provides nutritious morning snacks and hot lunch programs to the students of Bridge Lake Elementary School. We also provide free after-school programs such as art and craft activities and recorder lessons.

Programs and events for adults
In addition to the childrens programs, we provide activities and room rentals for adults, such as floor hockey, book club, badminton, photo group, bridge, dog obedience, crafts, food safe and many others. We also hold events for the residents of the area such as a September chili cook-off, Christmas dinner and concert and an International dinner.

Fund raising programs

BLCSS sells $100 Save-On Food gift cards: you get $100 worth of groceries and we receive $6 for every one we sell.

We hold annual events to raise money for our programs.

We also need personal and corporate donations to offset our annual costs.

Volunteer opportunities
You can help us create a great community by volunteering. There are many opportunities such as:
- helping with our daily breakfast program
- helping cook, serve and clean-up for the hot lunch program
- helping with our events throughout the year
- becoming a director
- becoming a member